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The organic growth of American football in the Netherlands

Mooi artikel door Growth of a Game over de groei van American football (tackle en flag) in Europa met speciale aandacht voor ons internationale flag football toernooi, de King Bowl.

"The organic growth of American football in the Netherlands"

Someone I admire once said that American football in Europe is at a point in its development where “growth creates form and form limits growth.” The sport is most certainly in the midst of an exciting and sometimes turbulent point in its development.

The “growth” that is happening all across Europe is undeniable. There has been a recent surge in Poland and Serbia in particular, while many other countries have experienced notably positive growth, including Croatia, Bosnia, Malta, Israel, Finland, the Netherlands and ... --> read more


King Bowl









Claim the crown

In the Netherlands the end of April is always buzzing with excitement as we celebrate the King's birthday. To share these festivities with our (inter)national fiends we have taken it upon us organise the King Bowl flag football tournament. A 5 on 5 non-contact international flag football tournament for men’s / mixed teams. To enter the tournament you will need to fill out this registration form (click link), accompanied with a payment of €75 for team entry.

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Waarom jij American football moet proberen

Radiozender FunX Utrecht belde voor een interview met Utrecht Dominators Ilja Tersteeg. Hij vertelde hen waarom sporters die zijn uitgekeken op hun huidige sport American football moeten proberen. Luister op FunX naar het hele interview.